Impacts of Information Technology


ICT in everyday life. ICT is the infrastructure and components that enable modern computers. The term information and communication technology are mainly accepted to mean all-new technologies that collaborated, allow people and companies to interact in the modern world. ICT helps to manage our time today. People have not enough time to do their day-to-day life. The world is fast-moving. Today these technologies are very helpful for human begins. It helps to save a lot of time. And it’s more correct than the traditional system. In this report, we can see the impacts of ICT in Retail, Banking, Personal Finance, Education, Transport, Law and enforcement, and Medicine are.


Information technology plays an important role in retail operations. Retailers need the help of IT for these reasons. They need to develop the organizations’ ability to updated speed and flexibility. The retailers need to collect and evaluate customer data and information. Many retailers face problems with information overload because they collect much amount of data and then change it into useful information. Most retailers use information technology to improve their service delivery. IT investment is essential not only for the achievement but for the survival of retail businesses in the modern world. The future will offer new systems with the emphasis firmly placed on continual improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.


The bank is a financial institution that accepts deposits, withdrawals from people. Banking activities like deposits, withdrawal, money transition, a loan like that. ICT is becoming really around the world. It also affects banking. Information Communication Technology has had a huge impact on the banking industry. In ancient times there is no development technology to do these banking activities. At that time all the banking activities are in the form of writing. They faced so many problems while writing these account details, daily transaction activities. The workers of the bank faced so many challenges. When the bank employees writing their activities, they did mistakes. It was impossible to edit it. And the important thing it takes a lot of time to create that files. So, in the absence of technical assistance, wasting time was a huge problem. But now modern technology changed the whole banking system. All the data and information of the customers are computerized. All-day-long transactions are done via computer. Today cash counting machines are available in banks. So, it’s easy to count and there is no chance of errors. It is easy to make these transactions quickly and more correctly. And it has not taken much time. When bank employees make mistakes that are not a problem because those are editable. Modern technologies are mostly used in a bank nowadays. Everywhere in the world, the Digital banking system is running successfully. These are the facilities of the Digital banking system. There are online, mobile, and tablet banking, mobile check deposits, Text alerts, eStatements, online bill pay.

Today world moving fast. People have not much time to work. They don’t have time to spend much time in the bank for their transactions. Now modern information technology helps to reduce time spent in banks. The online banking system is now available on mobiles, tablets, laptops. People can purchase their goods and other requirements online and make payments in the online banking system. We have not time to check our deposit or account balance in banks. But now the help of ICT technology we can check account balances through our mobile phones. When some people deposit in our account, we will receive text alerts. It’s easy to manage inconvenience. People can make online bill payments through eBanking. With the help of information communication technology, cash transfers can be made through ATM cards. Nowadays CDM also available in Srilanka. When we deposit money through the CDM machine. E-banking is easier to use than the traditional way. The impact of ICT has drastically changed the banking industry. With online banking, customers are not required to visit a bank to complete their banking transactions.

Personal Finance

In personal finance sites also, ICT makes an impact. People can do part-time and full-time jobs by using this ICT technology. They easily earn money through the online system. In this covid-19 situation around the world whole people lockdown in their homes. They can play online games and earn a lot of money to spend their lockdown usefully. Online games websites like Swagbucks,, PaidGamePlayer, GSN, and Gamevance. If we see the software guys, they can do frontend, backend, full-stack, android, or IOS from their works at the home. Nowadays we can make investments in trading apps like “ExpertOption”. There are many online platforms to do jobs. These are the way to develop personal finances.


In education system also use Information and communication technology to develop much more output. In ancient times there is a traditional education system. But now most of the education systems are dependent on information technology. When we look primary section, in ancient times teachers teach through blackboards. But now teachers teach through multimedia and the small children will understand easily. Primary students know more knowledge from watching YouTube videos. Then when we see the secondary education system, now a day’s teachers forgot to teach some points. The students face some problems. Today most of the students have mobile phones and they easy to access the internet to get more knowledge about subjects. And they find the different exam model papers and answers to practice themselves. The advanced level students need more and more information about their subjects, but teachers have no enough time to explain all the notes. So that time they need the help of information technology.

After school studies, students go to universities. They should need the help of IT technology. Because a student can submit their assignments, tutorials through the internet. They can also find more knowledge about their field. In the past, there was nothing like this. Now students the internet is the basis for their employment. For example, for students’ careers there are some sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Careerealism, JobBait, etc.

All over the world, there are so many students who have lost their education due to this Covid-19 situation. Some of them spend their valuable time doing online courses with the help of information technology. These are the top websites for free online education Coursera, edX, Khan Academy, Udemy, MIT OpenCourseWare, etc. Most of the universities were conduct lectures through the zoom app, WebEx meets app, google meet app through the internet. In this covid-19 situation information communication help to make studies without any interruption. ICT has a huge impact on the education sector.

Law & Enforcement

Now we can see the ICT impact on Law enforcement. The citizens of a country went to a government sector to get birth, marriage, death certificate, apply or renew national identity card, passport, driving licenses, or to pay annual bills. Now the impact of information technology it will make possible to do this service over the internet. When we go for a certificate or something in a government office that information is computerized. It takes few mins for gathering information about what we want. e-Governance is the next step of the government sector using information systems. In ancient times there are no devices for measuring speed so the police can’t prove the driver’s mistakes. But now there is a speed measuring machine and CCTV cameras. Police use to identify the drivers who make mistakes easily. CCTV camera system is very helpful to identify the perpetrators.

Today all the people have mobile phones. They can easy to know what the rules and laws are in there. And IT helps to identify those laws. Digital technology provides the platform for lawyers to electronic communications. Modern technology allows a lawyer to work on more than one documents while at the same time getting materials from the internet. They can use the document to another document. The police force is up to date to do their daily work with information and communication technology. It will help bring justice over modern technology and efficient processes.


Now we can see the impacts of ICT in transport. In ancient times there are no more new technologies in transport. But now information technology is mostly used in transport services. On train, bus, airplane we can make a booking for our seats. And we know the exact time of travel by using mobile phones. Today most people use google maps for traveling. Google maps introduce so many new features like google street.

CCTV system, this technology is used to monitoring road traffic, accidents, illegal activities. And it helps to take immediate action. The next one is the Traffic light control system; these automatic lights are fixed in road junctions. These help to decrease accidents by controlling the traffic. Vehicles doing smoking tests to reduce the pollution of the environment with the help of information technology.

In airplanes, aircraft there is an automatic pilot system is available now. All the system controls are operating automatically. This system is helping to decrease the human workload. And It is reducing the operations errors during the travel time. A remote car system is also available now. In this covid-19 situation, all the people are staying at the home. But they need to buy the essentials things for their daily life. An automatic car system is helping to buy those items easily.


Finally, we can see the ICT impacts on medicine. In ancient times there were fewer diseases than there are now. But nowhere are so many diseases in the whole world. Doctors are constantly discovering new medicines for diseases. In ancient times there is no much of this kind of technology. The doctors faced so many problems while giving treatments. In that time so many people died without treatment. Today modern world hospitals have achieved massive growth. And, all over the world, so many diseases identify in this time.

Information technology helps to solve all the problems that doctors, patients faced. First telehealth. It helps to increase patient engagement enhance the patient experience. The most important thing is health care services. Now so many new technologies are in use. In the hospital, all the records are computerized. So many innovative machines are introduced by the world to make better treatment like X-ray machine, Anaesthetic machine, ECG monitor, Oxygen regulator, Vital Signs Monitor, etc. now all over the world many heart transplantations are doing successfully. Heart transplantation becomes a simple thing today. Same thing so many difficult surgeries are done successfully with the help of information technology.

Today Artificial intelligence also used in the medical sector. Artificial robots are specially making for surgeries. The virtual nursing assistant also running successfully in developed countries. In ancient times when we do a medical checkup, the results will become after one or two weeks. But now all the reports are making it faster using this modern technology. Information technology helps to maintain the proper storage of medical data and information. At that time medical histories were on the paper. It takes a lot of time to prepare. Now we can store in a modern database system is helps to reduce money and time. Then writing a patient detail in papers takes much time. This is uncomfortable for major hospitals. But now it is faster to work through IT.

Telecommunication technology is also helping to communicate with doctors through the internet. In this covid-19 situation, all the people are lockdown in their homes. But they should need medical advice to make this possible. It helps to reduce the telecommunication gap to zero levels. An advanced system helps to doctor continuously monitoring the patient’s history. Information communication technology offers many ways to develop the healthcare system.

Let’s see the use of IT in medical education. With the development of IT, medical education has been changed. They get information on medical topics over the internet. With the help of information communication technology, the medical students, as well as the teachers, contact when there are at home. In this covid-19 situation, we can get medicines through online orders. It helps to get medicines regularly.

In the medical sector information and communication technology helps to reduce administrative costs, virtual communication, medical education, checking treatments online, manage hospital records completely.


New technology is being developed every day. Each development must improve on the capacities and capabilities of the old system to manage a competitive industry. The biggest impact IT has made the ability of organizations to evaluate and use modern computerized systems for financial transactions. Information and communication technology (ICT) influences all sectors. Like Education, Medicine, Retail, Banking, Personal finance, law and enforcement, Entertainment, fishing industry, Agricultural Industry, and Environment. Not only of these sectors but also IT impacts in many fields. It's building unusable friendships through social media. Build relationships with long-distance relations etc.